Alexandre Tana Ott
28 September 2006

My life's stories... so far! A collection of events and silliness that have occured.

My birth - 28 September 06
My mum was just going for a check up with the obstetrician, when my heart slowed down. The doctor was rather concerned and we were all rushed to the hospital. 30 mins later I entered this world by emergency cesarean 2.2kg small and screaming for the Jacuzzi in mums tummy. Mum missed her swimming class that day and dady was very proud.

My First month alive (up to 28 October 06)
Apparently I’m going to be tri-lingual : Kiwi English with mum (including plenty of muppet songs), Swiss French with dad (including lots of correct pronunciation) and Swiss German with Grosi Betty (and anyone else that can understand it!!). Personally I like milk/lait/Milch/latte!

My Second month (up to 28 November 06)
Visitors - Nana (Jillian’s mum) and grand-chap (Guy), Hui, Uncle Paul and Aunty Teresa and their two little ones, Alicia and Pablo and Aunty Diana, Gross Papi Paul and Iris have all come and stayed and played. We are all very grateful for their nappy changing skills. Thanks also to the regular Geneva crowd of my parents' friends.

My Third month (up to 28 December 06)
Some may say that roller skating while being a mum of a 3 month old baby is not a clever idea, I would tend to agree! However, my mum didn't think twice about it and promptly fell down and broke her wrists. Hmmm... 6 weeks until she could hold me again. Not so clever but at least she could still breastfeed (with assistance).

First Christmas, actually I had four of them?!?! I got dressed up as Christmas pudding. Must be said that dady tried very hard to veto this dressing up but his vote didn't count enough.

My Fourth month (up to 28 January 07)
Names are confusing... I don’t even know how to say much more than arrrga and huuuuuuuuggg, but I've been told that I have 8 grand parents and 2 great-grandmothers. This is going to be confusing, everyone has their own special way of saying grandparent, it ranges from nana to Grosi to grand-chap to grand-papa to Gross Papi! Hmm international grand parents are confusing!!

Got a bladder then a kidney infection so spent a week in the hospital on an IV drip, charmed my way with many nice nurses. After that we hung out at the Grosi Betty and grand-papa Claude's place while mum’s wrists got better.  Did lots of stunning walks in the vineyards, by the lake and experience my first snow – weird stuff!

My Fifth month (up to 28 February 07)
I enjoyed my first real kiss with a tongue and all... by timbie the dog. Kidney infection got better. Mum finally got back on the computer and created me a web site.

My Sixth month (up to 28 March 07)
I went on my first real road trip. It was great, I luv to sleep in the car. We went to Swiss Germany where they still didn't understand me. I met my TWO great-grandmothers (92 and 94 years!) they were delicious and I'd like to hang out again soon. Leonie came to visit and spread her bouncy energy with kissies and cuddles.

I have been trying very hard to enter myself in a wet T-shirt competition. Dribble dribble and more dribble.

I now eat lots of meat, in fact I eat anything apart from brocalli which I'd rather share with my cloths, the floor and all over my mum. I started creche, heaps of others babies to dribble on and share colds and bugs with. My vocabu has expanded to include "Da Da, gaaaah, ba bab ba...." Mum and Dad talk a load of rubbish!

We moved flats mid June, and I now have my own room! Horrah! From my window I can see the entrance to parc de la grange, the lake and Dad's yellow boat. My sittings skills have improved and I don't fall and face plant anymore. My hair sometime sticks up like a monkey - I like bananas.

They have found a birth mark (cafe au lait) behind my right ear. How cool! Soxs taste delicious.

12 to 15 months
I gave mum and dad two super cool Christmas presents, place mats with my foot prints and getting into sitting position all by myself! Yipeee!



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